Eller Surname in the Missouri Census, 1800-1930

All census information on this page was submitted by Rod Green of Ashland, MO.  All notes are his notes, not mine.  If you have any questions or comments about the information, please contact him directly.

1870 Audrain Co., MO Census

these people were all in the same household
Note:  I will be extremely grateful to whoever might be able to shed some light on this family.
ELLERJohn48MWfarmingborn in VA
ELLERJohn21MWfarmingborn in MO
ELLERSamuel18MWfarmingborn in MO
ELLERSonetta (?)16FWat homeborn in MO
ELLERMalinda15FWat homeborn in MO
ELLERAnna13FWat homeborn in MO
ELLERIra10MWat schoolborn in MO
ELLERManda9FWat schoolborn in MO
ELLERJefferson7MWat schoolborn in MO
ELLERAbram2MW born in MO
ELLERManda50FB born in KY
ELLERMoses5MB born in MO

1870 Audrain County, Missouri

Page 585 Salt River Township, Mexico Post Office
Note:  Elias Eller was a grandson of Henry & Elizabeth Bigler ELLER (a son of Jacob Eller, Sr. and Eva Margaret Williard) and brother to my 3rd greatgrandfather, Jacob Eller, Jr.  By 1870, Elias' wife, Mary Standiford had been dead about 6-7 years.  Mary, age 24 in above census, was Mary Ellen Burt--wife of Abraham (or Abram) Eller.  William, age 8, as well as Franklin, 5, and Lillian, 1, were their children.
SurnameNameAgeSexRaceOccupationReal ValueProp ValueBornin
ELLERMary24femalewhitekeeping houseMissouri
ELLERFranklin5malewhite Missouri
ELLERMary22femalewhiteat homeMissouri
ELLERSusan21femalewhiteat homeMissouri

1870 Callaway County, Missouri

Page 381 Liberty Township, Fulton Post Office, Dwelling 119
This is Elizabeth Grimes Eller, widow of Jacob Eller, Jr. who died in December 1867.  This family never seems to have given the censustaker their correct ages from one census to another.  My supposition is that they really had no idea when they were born, had trouble with math or didn't want the government to have the correct information.  Elizabeth (the mother) is actually about 60 years old according to other records; John T. about 28-29; Ann Maria, about 42-43; Martha, about 38 and Elizabeth (the daughter) about 26.  Elizabeth Grimes actually was born in Maryland (not Missouri as recorded in Census).
SurnameNameAgeSexRaceOccupationReal ValueProp ValueBornin
ELLERElizabeth48femalewhitekeeping house$3000900Missouri
ELLERJohn T.24malewhitefarmerMissouri
ELLERMaria A.22femalewhiteat homeMissouri
ELLERMartha20femalewhiteat homeMissouri
ELLERElizabeth17femalewhiteat homeMissouri

1870 Callaway County, Missouri

Page 381 Liberty Township, Fulton Post Office, Dwelling 115
Note:Alice W. ELLER is my great-grandmother
SurnameNameAgeSexRaceOccupationReal ValuePropValueBorn in
ELLERMary A.36femalewhitekeeping houseMissouri
ELLERMartha J.13femalewhiteat homeMissouri
ELLERLucy Ann10femalewhiteat homeMissouri
ELLERMary P.8femalewhiteat homeMissouri
ELLERAlice W.4femalewhiteat homeMissouri
ELLERIda T.2femalewhiteat homeMissouri
ELLERunnamed1/12femalewhiteat homeMissouri