Eller Marriages in Ashe County, NC

Information on this site was collected from another website that new longer exists or has moved. I'm referring to the Newriver site that researcher from about 0 years ago may remember, a lot of Ashe and Wilkes County information. Information has been supplemented with my own research into marriage bonds. THe date category may be the date of the actual marriage, but likely is the date of the bond, unless it comes from pension or family bibles.

Baker, JohnEller, Delila (Delia)10/31/18541, 3J. A. King, J.P.J. A. King, D.C.
Brooks, LeanderEller, Elizabeth6/7/18661Henry Garber
Caudill, MarkEller, Rebecca3/8/18714
Church, PryorEller, Mary6/2/18714
Eller, Aswell P.Dickson, Nancy10/22/18571,3John Baker, J.P.Jacob LathamRobert Gambill
Eller, CalvinCooper, Zettie7/17/18774
Eller, CalvinDickson, Caroline11/21/18482,3John TurnerR. Murchison
Eller, David(s/o John) PowersJane(d/o Andrew)9/16/18673Wesley Thompson, J.P.R. T. Hardin
Eller, DavidJones, Samantha1/26/18754
Eller, DavidBaker, Katherine10/31/18521,3William Weaver, J.P.Josh. Baker
Eller, F. M.Jones, Celia9/12/18754
Eller, GeorgeHowell, Belinda3/22/18452,3Hiram ElrodR. Murchison
Eller, HansfordGraybeal, Catherine7/29/18661John Graybeal
Eller, JacobStanley, Elizabeth9/14/18531S. Trivett
Eller, JacobJones, Ellen11/24/18531L. Bowers
Eller, James M.Vannoy, Louisa1/31/18671,3A. W. Vannoy, M.G.E. C. Bartlett
Eller, JessePlumer, Sarah Ann10/13/18663J. H. CarsonE. C. Bartlett
Eller, LukeKing, Sarah3/27/18293Aaron Latham
Eller, PeterBrooks, Nancy3/8/18452,3Samuel BowersJno. Ray, Clk.
Eller, WilliamEller, Susannah7/19/18422,3Hamilton RayHamilton Ray
Eller, WilliamStike, Elizabeth8/19/18561,3S. Bowen, J.P.R. Jones, D.C.
Eller, ZachariahEldreth, Catherine11/22/18723
Mikeal, HenryEller, Sarah3/12/18561William Andrews
Poe, JohnEller, Jane1John Weaver
Poe, ReubenEller, Nancy11/10/18754
Sexton, ArchibaldEller, Mary1/21/18601J. Hudler
Stikeleather, JosephEller, Tamsey6/7/18561,3S. Bowers, J.P.


1 is the marriage register, Ashe County Court House, Jefferson, NC
2. is a collection of loose marriage bonds, Ashe County Court House, Jefferson, NC.
3. is marriage bonds at the State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh, NC
4. is other material, pension applications, family bibles, etc.

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